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“Never was so much owed to so few.”

Winston Churchill had those immortal words to say about the young pilots of England’s Royal Air Force. Many of these pilots were a mere 17 years old. They turned the course of World War 2 in the skies over Europe.

Think of it… the free world saved by a determined band of very young men and that against telling odds. Some of course were older than teen-age – at the end of the War some of the 17-year olds were 22. (Hundreds of the orginal RAF pilots had been shot down which is why the very young ones had been recruited.)

I get the idea that maturity in days gone by was reached earlier. I also believe that living for God makes for a more serious person and so it should. I realize that these are broad statements but I think that I am on solid ground when I draw the lines between true, biblical eldership and maturity. Why? Because the requirements for the older ones, or elders, most all have to do with character – not academic achievement. See Titus 1 and 1 Tim 3.

So, how do you teach your children to accept responsibility? How are you preparing them to take their place in the church as the elders of tommorrow?

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