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Any Christian dynasty builders among us?

A home church generally emerges from a Christian home. True, there are frequent exceptions. Consider, now, the historical footprint of one Jonathan Edwards:

Edwards, one of the greatest Preachers of all time, was married in 1727.

He and his wife Sarah had 11 children and are an excellent example of two people who built such a spiritual family dynasty: 173 years after their marriage, a study was made of some 1,400 of their descendants.  

By 1900 this single marriage had produced 13 college presidents, 65 professors, 100 lawyers, a dean of an outstanding law school, 30 judges, 56 physicians, a dean of a medical school, 80 holders of public office, 3 United States senators, 3 mayors of large American cities, 3 governors, 1 Vice-President of the United States, 1 comptroller of the United States Treasury. 

Members of the family had written 135 books, edited 18 journals and periodicals. They had entered the ministry in platoons, with nearly 100 of them becoming missionaries overseas. 

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  1. Roxana Perez Hernandez says:

    Theses are the kind of families we ought to be raising. Making sure that the gospel of Jesus Christ, continues through out many of our own generations. May we be inspired enough to start, ( if we haven’t yet )teaching our children what God ( The great I AM )our creator, wants and expects from us, his children.

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