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Jimmy Carter as a role model

I can’t be too hard on this guy – he’s from the South. Excuse me – ‘da South.’ Actually, he’s not one of my favorite statesmen. Politics aside, he is a true model with respect to eldership in a couple of ways.

Remember now, just as every Christian woman has obligations to the young, so also, Christian males, aka seniors or elders. See 1 Peter 5, where older shepherds (elders) are contrasted to the “younger ones.” .

Carter isn’t quitting or becoming inactive because of old age. This week, he’s grabbed the headlines again, meeting with leaders of an Arab terrorist organization, Hamas.

Corollary: Biblical elders never retire! Thus, none are said to have “stepped down from office.”

2. Carter no longer has an office in government but he still participates in government.

Corollary: All the saints are empowered to serve even without an office!

Psalms 92:14a They shall still bring forth fruit in old age;

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