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Pat Summitt on family

House churching, or whatever your preferred terminology, presumes a (hopefully somewhat stable) family. After all, church is family. And family is the cradle of society, too.

Here is a short audio clip released earlier this week by my fellow Tennessean and award winning coach of the UT Lady Vols. Pat has observed kids for more than 40 years and has now concluded: 

… parents are too concerned to be the child’s friend rather than the child’s parent …

One Response to “Pat Summitt on family”

  1. Dave Bradley says:

    Dave Bradley :“I have tremendous respect for this woman, however, if I were to act as though I had parenting figured out, I’d be God!! I understand she is trying to give her best advice and opinion, but that is just what it is.Parenting has been given a bad rap lately. To get an idea of the difficulties in parenting ‘children’, just look at how much the Lord has struggled with God’s children, and God is dealing with what we call mature adults. I think the biggest difference in parenting today is the amount of external stimulus that children are exposed to, along with the reality that parenting requires the ‘village’ not just the biological parents. With the current state of ‘our village’ it is no wonder that our children, and biological parents, have so many pitfalls to avoid. Each of us needs to understand that how are children behave is a reflection of what they are witnessing in the world they live in. Any parent will tell you a child is the best ‘video feed’ for how a parent behaves. Children mimic the world they encounter, so I pray that the world they are living in reflects that of God’s Kingdom on earth.Finally, I just pray that God uses His Body to intervene on the behalf of any child who is being hurt by the sins of our human nature and the systems of this world.”

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