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Pagan Christianity? Hope or Hype?

Pagan Christianity? is a win-win for the “co-authors” and the “co-author’s publisher. A well known pollster discovers a book written several years ago by a lessor known, touches it up, and uses his name to promote it. Ultimately though, all… Continue Reading →

Tracking house church growth in the USA

From the Editor of Joel News and a similar account on the home page of Dawn Europe, etc: The organic church guys from North America broke the rules again: instead of a Powerpoint with numbers they took a collective time-out… Continue Reading →

Former supporter now rejects “Revolution”

And that is what this movement is full of: High-sounding talk. You see it in Barna’s book “Revolution”. You hear it everywhere you go in the ‘Out-of-church’ movement. Vast claims are being made for those who will simply “come out”… Continue Reading →

Intriguing House Church Data

Nationwide research has yielded more polling numbers for the house church movement and the numbers are, as they say, “all over the page.” The latest from the Barna Group, as reported by ABC News, is that there are at least… Continue Reading →