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Charles Finney on formless church

Charles Finney (1792-1875) is a hero claimed by the likes of far-righter Jerry Falwell and left-leaning Jim Wallis of Sojourners – and all sorts in between. The following extract is from Finney’s Revival Lectures, chapter 14. He popularized, I believe,… Continue Reading →

Jimmy Carter as a role model

I can’t be too hard on this guy – he’s from the South. Excuse me – ‘da South.’ Actually, he’s not one of my favorite statesmen. Politics aside, he is a true model with respect to eldership in a couple… Continue Reading →

Pagan Christianity? Hope or Hype?

Pagan Christianity? is a win-win for the “co-authors” and the “co-author’s publisher. A well known pollster discovers a book written several years ago by a lessor known, touches it up, and uses his name to promote it. Ultimately though, all… Continue Reading →

William Wilberforce and “the ministry”

He was in his twenties when converted to Christianity and felt led to enter “the ministry.” John Newton, his song-writing friend, forbad such a course and encourgaged him to remain in politics where he eventually had huge influence with regards… Continue Reading →

Any Christian dynasty builders among us?

A home church generally emerges from a Christian home. True, there are frequent exceptions. Consider, now, the historical footprint of one Jonathan Edwards: Edwards, one of the greatest Preachers of all time, was married in 1727. He and his wife… Continue Reading →

Carolina House Church Workshop – Feb 2008

What: A Biblically-based workshop on New Testament Church Life: The Lord’s Supper as a Celebratory Fellowship Meal Participatory Church Meetings Elder-Led Congregational Consensus Apostolic Traditions & New Testament Patterns A General Question and Answer Session. Where: Smithfield, NC (30 minutes… Continue Reading →

atheist digs house church

Jim and Casper Go to Church (Barna Books, 2007) is the book title of the adventures of Jim Henderson and Matt Casper as they traversed America, stopping off at different churches. They hit several well known ones and some unknown… Continue Reading →

Gone from here but not forgotten

Another Father’s Day is upon us. I am, like you, remembering Dad. George Andrew Anderson was his name. Needless to say, he wasn’t a perfect man but he was a good man in the opinion of one who observed him… Continue Reading →

Former supporter now rejects “Revolution”

And that is what this movement is full of: High-sounding talk. You see it in Barna’s book “Revolution”. You hear it everywhere you go in the ‘Out-of-church’ movement. Vast claims are being made for those who will simply “come out”… Continue Reading →

Intriguing House Church Data

Nationwide research has yielded more polling numbers for the house church movement and the numbers are, as they say, “all over the page.” The latest from the Barna Group, as reported by ABC News, is that there are at least… Continue Reading →