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Jimmy Carter as a role model

I can’t be too hard on this guy – he’s from the South. Excuse me – ‘da South.’ Actually, he’s not one of my favorite statesmen. Politics aside, he is a true model with respect to eldership in a couple… Continue Reading →

Taking back the streets of Philly

Ordinary caring people and older ones (elders) doing what is usually done by professionals. Hmmm… Do you see any parallels with church life? Are you a volunteer or do you expect professionals to take care of everything? Looks as if… Continue Reading →

Gone from here but not forgotten

Another Father’s Day is upon us. I am, like you, remembering Dad. George Andrew Anderson was his name. Needless to say, he wasn’t a perfect man but he was a good man in the opinion of one who observed him… Continue Reading →

young men going nowhere, taking no one

In Seattle, the young men are, generally, pathetic. They are unlikely to go to church, get married, have children, or do much of anything else that smacks of being responsible. But they are known to be highly skilled at smoking… Continue Reading →

debt-loaded troops as security risks

SAN DIEGO Thousands of U.S. troops are being barred from overseas duty because they are so deep in debt they are considered security risks, according to an Associated Press review of military records. The number of troops held back… Continue Reading →

voluntary eldering vs. hired coaching

My “tentmaking” way of living out my passion is by “Coaching” people on how to start and/or lead a Simple/House Church. I also coach people regarding their personal issues, and helping them move towards their dreams and goals. If you’re… Continue Reading →

Bucking the Clergy Mystique

Charles “Chuck” Swindoll is a popular radio and TV preacher. I, for one, heartily agree with many if not most of his teachings. On his radio broadcast of 3/22/06 brother Swindoll noted that he was a frequent conference speaker. He… Continue Reading →

Shortage of elders?

What if the older ones of the community really were the elders mentoned in the NT? I say “mentioned” because there would have been no need to describe or identify elders as the older ones – thousands of years of… Continue Reading →

“Never was so much owed to so few.”

Winston Churchill had those immortal words to say about the young pilots of England’s Royal Air Force. Many of these pilots were a mere 17 years old. They turned the course of World War 2 in the skies over Europe…. Continue Reading →