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R C Cafe » Lord's Day » Prophetic False Alarms » doomsday billboards
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Author doomsday billboards
D Anderson
      Bristol, TN USA

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Theological doomsayers have been trying to convince innocent pedestrians for years that the end of the world is nigh. A new theory that Judgment Day is coming this Saturday has certainly generated lots of media attention, but done little to convince many Americans, including most evangelical Christians.

Some of those skeptical of the prophecy are planning on celebrating Saturday with tongue-in-cheek "rapture parties," LiveScience reports. Tacoma, Wash., non-believer Paul Case told the Seattle Times that he wants to celebrate on Saturday because if the Rapture does happen, and all Christians are lifted to heaven, "we know as atheists, we're not going."

The theory that the "Rapture"--or Judgment Day--will occur on May 21 appears to have originated with the 89-year-old leader of the ministry Family Radio Worldwide, Harold Camping, who earlier predicted the end of days as Sept. 6, 1994. He went back to the drawing board and says his calculations are now correct. (The Daily Beast's Bryan Curtis profiles Robert Fitzpatrick, one of Camping's most ardent followers, who gave up his life savings to spread the word about the coming day of reckoning. "For Fitzpatrick, the calculation's outlandishness confirms its rightness," Curtis writes. " 'A genius could not understand this,' he says, 'because God has to open your mind to allow you to understand this.' ")

Camping--an uncredentialed evangelical minister in California whose radio show is broadcast on 66 stations--took out an ad in Reader's Digest magazine proclaiming: "The Bible guarantees the end of the world will begin with Judgment Day May 21, 2011." He's also plastered the message on 2,200 billboards around the country, according to Reuters, and his followers have traveled around in caravans to spread the word. After a big earthquake on Saturday, true believers will be swept up to heaven while everyone else descends into hell before the world is officially over, he says. from today's yahoo.com news

Oh brother, here we go again. 89 year olds ought to know better.

No man knows the day or the hour except.....

If Jesus wants to come back tomorrow that's fine - I have 4 cars which are on empty. LOL. But what if he doesn't? If he doesn't, Christians will just look silly one more time.


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The other side is using this old fool to discredit the Faith.
With the help of the media Christianity will be once again laughed at.

Same goes with Time Magazine picking Richard Cizik as one of the 100 last year.

The world think these guys are the face of Christianity.

D Anderson
      Bristol, TN USA

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Hi friends,

Gene Edwards, author and the self-described "Father of the House Church Movement," published a book entitled: Economic Doomsday. By no means was he the only sincere predictor of a Y2K disaster but I think that he said in the book that if a Y2k mega-disaster did not occur, he would cease to write.

Reminds one of those who promised that they would not eat nor drink until they had killed Paul...

The point? Let us be wary about making predictions. The secret things belong to the Lord but the things revealed belong to us and to our children.

      Virginia U.S.A.

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So, did Gene stop writing?

"Iniquitas mentita est sibi"

D Anderson
      Bristol, TN USA

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Hi Jeff,

Gene's book, Economic Doomsday, was published in 1998. In it he made the unequivacable prediction that a great depression would occur (whether or not the y2k bug was unleashed) in 1999. Readers were advised to store food, water, gold, silver, and cash

Exactly what he wrote was that if he were wrong: "No one would ever forget it." Page 193. That prediction seemed to be more valid than his other one although we all agree now that government spending has to be slowed.

Me, I was wrong about his "ceasing to write." He always has several books agoing.


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