House Church Talk - Christian books chosen by Wal-mart

David Anderson david at
Mon Nov 3 11:37:15 EST 2003

     Hi all,

It's always lotsa fun to see what is really hot in the book sections of 
the big stores and bookstores.

Looks like Rick Warren has hit paydirt with his "purpose-driven" books. 
But why? Scanning through them, one encounters little that looks new, 
revolutionary or would not have been covered in an adult Sunday school 
curriculum of yesteryear. 

The "-driven" cliche is one obviously borrowed from the business 
community, dating back several years ago.

Rick does encourage small groups, for what that's worth (especially if 
their purpose is to discuss his books). Not much, imo, as these small 
groups could and should never exist apart from the institutional church, 
in their opinion.

I'm gonna drop this post on the ntcp list as there are some book authors 
there who may have some ideas about the success of this series.

your grueling reviewer,

     David Anderson


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