House Church Talk - Re: House Church Talk Digest, Vol 2, Issue 35

Clairebnntt at Clairebnntt at
Mon Nov 3 20:06:32 EST 2003

Debbie, we have bipolar disorder in our family, so I have an idea what is 
going on.  Finding the right meds and remaining on them and continuing medical 
follow-up is essential.  Paranoia about meds or belief that one doesn't need 
them is all part of how the illness affects many people.  I don't know what your 
husband is like when his disease is under control, but assume that much of 
what he says or does in this altered state is the same as if he were high on 
drugs (brain chemicals run amuck act like drugs) or otherwise incapacitated.  I 
will be praying that you and his doctors will have wisdom to help him.

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