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Richard Wright wrightd at
Sun Nov 9 22:23:05 EST 2003

Greetings in the Name of the Lord:

November 9, 2003

Joh 14:2  In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would 
have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. 



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8/1/2003: Please pray for my microbusiness
project to help a group of natives. A Quaker org. may be funding us. It is
a project to make and export aloe vera (which here grows like weed,and of
the best quality) products. I, as a quasi-chemist, will be teaching to
make the highest quality soaps and creams, and I am looking for people in
the US who'd like to buy them, since the idea is to export. The business
will be handled by women, and I will be teaching them all I know at no
cost in my own warehouse (I love making soap!). Pray for this project, for
it could feed 1,000 hungry children and more.

Vanessa DiDomenico <van3hijos at>


9/7/2003: he LORD finally delivered me from my 2 months at a sinking, debt-ridden, unfortunately "Christian"-run Advertising company 
called Ark Communications and totally opened up a door of more stable employment for me as a Marcom Writer 1-month/open-
ended Contractor at a leading anti-virus company called Trend Micro. So even the LORD can work "Viruses!" for the good of His 
Been there 2 weeks now and loving it! Just heard that my boss has applied to extend my Contract there to the END of 
this year! She will hear in mid-Sept whether it is approved. So saints, please pray that the LORD might grant this 
further act of His grace to me & my wife that HE might be more glorified!
PS 35: 27-28 check it out!
I actually pray that, if it is His will, that I can go perm/FT and retire here!

Thomas Shou <thomasshou at> 


10/3/2003: Just a reminder for you to pray for our 3rd China Mission October 23-November 25, 2003.  There will be six of us 
going on this trip to minister at the training center during this four week period.  I will be teaching a total of 80 Bible 
Sessions and 60 Ministry Sessions.  The 80 Bible Sessions will be on video and these tapes will be distributed 
throughout China to help equip those who are unable to come to the training center.  Co-workers will serve as 
interpreters and teach Conversational English and English Grammar classes to equip the Chinese to minister the 
Gospel in English which is now recognized as a universal language.

Dan Hubbell <ntc at>


10/9/2003: I am involved in a house church that is mostly kids !% of them ages 8-19).  In their neighborhood 
(across the street from where the house church meets) is a building that was once a youth center.  Some people who were 
not concerned with youth got on the board of the organization that ran the center and basically turned it into a Bingo hall and 
embezzled a lot of money.  Now the original people who started it have the building back (Long story I would tell if I had 
time) They do not have the money to get it up and running, but they also don't want to sell it.  They want to keep control.

The parents in the neighborhood want a place for their kids to play.  Our goal  is to use the building for a christian youth 
center.  We see it as a way of influencing that area's kids for the Lord.
Please pray that God's will be done.  Pray that He softens the hearts of all involved.  The restoration of this building would be 
such a great boost to very depressed area where the kids have very few positive role models.

Jeanne Elder <jc_elder at>

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Phil. 3:12-14

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