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 Hi Jim (Goodword)
I think we get confused between those who are called, and those who are
I have spent all of my time as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ among
those who have not been called, but who hang around anyway, and those who
have been called, but who have not made their calling into an election.
Only those called and chosen will feed us.
All the best,
Colin Thompson.
Gateshead, England.

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Peter said, "Then the Spirit told me to go with them, doubting nothing.
Moreover these six brethren accompanied me, and we entered the man’s
house." Acts 11:12
For those who are accustomed to being led of the Spirit, such words sound
perfectly normal. But to those who believe in Sola Scriptura, Peter's words
sound dangerous or even Scripturally unsound.
I heard a very good brother in Christ on the radio just yesterday who warned
against such practices as "being led by the Spirit of God" in any direct
sense. And I know many believers who would agree with his position, since I
share that same theological background. I no longer hold to that position,
but I do respect and understand the teaching of Sola Scriptura, which is
rooted in the Reformation struggle to break free of Papal authority.
While it would not be correct to say that God's Spirit is unable to direct
events in the meetings of an IC or traditional church, we might expect an HC
(housechurch) to be more open to such direction. But that is not always the
case. There is no one doctrinal position held by all housechurches. There
is no comprehensive body of HC doctrine.
As the reasons are many and varied for having church at home, so also the
doctrinal positions of those who meet and worship at home are many. Just
about any kind of doctrinal slant one may expect to see in an IC environment
may also be seen in housechurches. ( In fact, the first HC group I ever came
across were Philippinos in California who were Roman Catholic.)
But most of the folks who meet and worship at home seem to be more open to
the idea of God's leading, and hoping to be directed by the Spirit of God in
their gatherings. At least that has been my experience so far in meeting and
chatting with believers who practice HC.
So what about you? Do you expect the Lord to direct your life? Is your
local fellowship open to being directed of the Lord in each meeting?

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