House Church Talk - Emerging Chruch Gathering

David Anderson david at
Fri Nov 14 12:07:06 EST 2003

     Hi Bob, 

You wrote:

>Everybody is talking about answers for the emerging church. Everybody is 
>reading the next book that will solve our dilemma. Everybody is trying out 
>the flavor of the month in hopes that the magic pill will make sense out 
>of our present reality. And what is our present reality? Some call it 
>postmodernism, a radical deconstruction of all our previous cultural 
>assumptions. Others call it post-Christendom, a transition time for the 
>historic church where it finds itself on the margins of society. Others 
>label it a fad, a bad dream that we will someday awaken out of and get 
>back to the way things used to be and ought to be. We call it Mayhem. Not 
>sure how to label it, not sure how to define it, we just know that we’re 
>in it and we’re not alone. 

The earliest Christians also faced a brave, new, and decadent world - yet 
they overcame by the blood of the Lamb. Essentially, word of mouth was 
the main form of communication as the good news penetrated the various 
levels of Roman Empire society. But not words alone - their love also 
caught the attention of onlookers.

>We want to invite you to a gathering (see, a 
>conversation centered around the reality of Mayhem and what is emerging. 
>Out of this reality is growing an underground movement of Christ followers 
>who are not afraid of their surroundings and not surprised at the shifting 
>ground underneath their feet. These are people who resonate with an old 
>faith in a new world. These are people who are passionate about words such 
>as community, natural, organic, simple, missional, monastic, relationship 
>and Kingdom. 

Jesus promised we would never be alone and He and one other are always a 
"majority," in a manner of speaking. True passion for Him should really 
turbo-charge these other passions, no?

Thank you for the invite, my brother. Sounds very timely. Hope things go 
well and brotherly love prevails in Cincinnati. Do the conference 
planners, by the way, view house churches in a positive light? If not, 
why not?


       David Anderson

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