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Thomas Shou thomasshou at
Sun Nov 16 13:46:40 EST 2003

Hey Bob 'n all,
Sounds awesome Bob if HE is gathering Mayhem together! 
Sounds like a step in the right direction anytime the Body is coming together as a unified citywide local church or even regional church gathering to further His Kingdom among the churched and unchurched! We see both in the NT: the church in a particular city, e.g. Phillipi, Ephesus, Corinth, Cincinatti!, etc.  and the regional or larger church body -- churches in Galatia & Asia! Ohio or Midwest US!
As some know here, we tried some Mayhem in Columbus OH this March among some local HCs and yes...there was some Mayhem that occurred but also some healthy edifying of his greater Body in the Midwest...and even as far west as CA! : )
I would love to see some more Mayhem activity in my parts here in Nor Cal! Contact me Bob or your other Mayhem co-workers to talk about that! anyone interested in checking this Mayhem/Emerging church gathering out?! Any OH HCer like Dan B, Rocky, etc. other HC buddies gonna check this out? Big D, you think you can make this? will update you more later on me life now or gimme a ring!
Bob, love to hear more about your church background and how you got involved in Mayhem bro with the rest?
Thomas & Lucy
the little ekklesia in Palo Alto, CA

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From: Bob Bowen 
Subject: House Church Talk -  Responses to Emerging Chruch Gathering posts
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Mr. Anderson.....The Gathering in Cincinnati view House Churching in a VERY POSITIVE light. We are all house church planters/leaders. My wife and I along with another couple co-lead a House Church in Fairfield, Ohio....Come, taste and see!

Bob Bowen
Denver Bronco Fan Since 1961


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