House Church Talk - Kidney stones.

Diane & Max Howe dimxhowe at
Mon Nov 17 09:46:16 EST 2003

Jim: I am a 68 year old Believer that was grosley obese in my 30s and so I had an operation and they bypassed all of my small intestines except 18 inches. Doing this caused, 1 year later my first of over 200 kidney stones over a 25 year period. While working in Bastrop, Texas I was telling a chiropractor about this and he recommended my taking cranberry concentrate in capsul form. I starte and have had only 5 or 6 since. They no longer cause me any pain since I seemingly have scored the walls of my tubes leading down to my bladder. Some, before the cran caps, were as large as small marbles and have taken months to pass, but I have just  been Praising God that they have stopped. I take 6 caps per day by Now (name of the company) 8,000 units per cap and I take 2 with each meal. Have your son try it and they probably will stop.     Max Howe  Phil 4: 6&7 

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