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Bob Bowen bob_bowen at
Mon Nov 17 14:01:25 EST 2003

Debbie wrote ..i would love to hear a little about the HC in Fairfield Ohio.  

Our format:  We hang out together for the first 20-30 minutes for a time of community.  The we spend about an hour in discussion on the topic...we are finishing up the book of James.  Then 30 minutes of worhsip and close with communion and prayer.  Kids particpate with the big folks as long as they can.

How many families? 3 right now.
Are there many children?  7
What are there ages? 3 mos to 14 years old  
Do you live close to each other?  all within 15 minutes of each other
How often do you get together? at least once per week sometimes 2 or more.  We hang out a lot together.

Is that what you were looking for?

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