House Church Talk - good news, long overdue

David Anderson david at
Sat Nov 22 19:42:19 EST 2003

The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly voted to curb the 
spread of unsolicited Internet junk mail. By a vote of 392 to 5, the 
lower US chamber approved the Can-Spam Act of 2003 that will allow 
millions of Americans to block unsolicited commercial e-mail traffic or 
so-called "spam" that has become at best a nuisance and at worst a threat 
to millions of Internet users around the world. 

The Senate passed a similar piece of legislation last month and is 
largely expected to accept changes introduced in the House bill. 

Both pieces of legislation, which largely target junk mails containing 
sexual content, will now have to be amalgamated into a joint Senate-House 

"For the first time during the Internet-era, American consumers will have 
the ability to say no to spam," said Republican Representative Billy 
Tauzin, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. 

"What's more, parents will be able to breathe easier knowing that they 
have the ability to prevent pornographic spam from reaching defenceless, 
unsuspecting children," he pointed out. 

The bill gives Internet users the right to opt-out of all commercial 
e-mail traffic, prohibits the sending of fraudulent spam, and introduces 
stiff fines for illegal spam messages. In addition, people who flood the 
Internet with unsolicited advertisements can be sued under the 
legislation for damages of up to $US2 million, an amount that can be 
tripled to $US6 million for intentional violations. 

Pornographic e-mails will have to carry special electronic labelling so 
they could be easily filtered out by personal computers, and the 
Government will be required to set up a "do not spam" registry that will 
legally bar spam distributors from sending their fare to its 
participants. -- AFP

   HI all,

Anderson here.

The joy of e-mail has been all but lost for many, if not for most 
computer users. That could be about to change. God be thanked! I sure 
won't miss the viri, porno ads, and phony messages out of third world 
countries from persons wanting to donate big money to our "ministry."

Do you remember the plot of "Oh Brother, Where art thou?" These fugitives 
cut a record while in flight and it went to the top of the charts, 
unknown to them. Makes me wonder if one - just one- of those Nigerian 
offers wasn't real. Ha. Ha. 

Here's today's. If it's legit, I promise to split it up with YOU:

     Dear Brother, 

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus, Calvary Greetings to you and 
your entire staff/congregation. I was suffing the internet when I came 
across your website/Email and I decided to communicate with you as the 
Holy Spirit moved me.

I am Evang. Paul Okonkwo of Anointing Grace Ministry Nigerian Inc. 
Worldwide, basically a prayer and deliverance ministry. I am equally a 
retired Director in the Federal Ministry of Finance. Since I recieved my 
calling and joined my Ministry, I have been asking God to purify what 
remains of my wealth for Evangelical works and for Orphanage.On the last 
day of a special fasting and praying session in my Ministry, there was a 
divine revelation from God that I should invest in your Ministry. My 
investment will come from proceeds of a certain 'deal' I did while I was 
a director in the Federal Ministry of Finance as an unbeleiver. 

At that time, there was a contract awarded to a foreign contractor by my 
Ministry which I used the advantage of my position then to 
over-invoice/inflate to the tune of US$4.5M. The original contractors had 
since been fully paid their total contract value leaving this excess 
over-invoiced sum unclaimed. It is my intention to realise this 
over-invoiced sum of US$4.5M using you or your ministry as a foreign 
partner because of the confindence I repose in you as co-faithfuls and 
believer. You only need to provide an account where the money will be 
transferred into and every other procedures will take place here. It is 
my desire according to the direction of the holy spirit to channel this 
money to the work of God only.

The bibble says that we're new creatures, old things are passed away and 
behold new things....As a born again christian a beleiver in Jesus 
Christ, I have totally submitted my life to the wishes of our lord 
redeemer and saviour and as such I dedicate all my endowment to the 
service of humanity for the love of God who sent his only begotten son, 
Jesus to shed his precious blood for our sins. As you know, our good God 
is and cannot be an an author of confussion and he is ever faithful and 
merciful not to lead us into unrighteousness and there's no doubt that 
his good desires and designs for our life must be accomplished since the 
gate of hell cannot prevail against the work of GOd. You can contact me 
immediately on my e-mail for further discussion

Yours brother in Christ 

   Evang.Paul okonkwo

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