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Bruce Woodford bwood4d at
Sun Nov 23 23:57:36 EST 2003

Hi David,

Thanks so much for the poem! I have saved that one.  Some  old poetry is 

The following "gem" I found many years ago in an old public school reader 
used here in Ontario just over a hundred years ago. Such was on the 
curriculum to be memorized by students in the public schools. But then, we 
have made such "progress" since then!!  We no longer require memorization of 
anything, much less poems with such scriptural content!!


Your brother in Christ,

"Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it."John 2:5

Whatsoe'er He bids you do it though you may not understand:
Yield to Him complete obedience, then you'll see His mighty hand;
"Fill the water pots with water", fill them to the very brim;
He will honour all your trusting, Leave the miracle to Him!

Bind your Isaac to the altar, bind him there with many a cord;
Oh, my brother, do not falter, can't you fully trust your Lord?
He it is who watches o'er you, though your path may oft be dim;
He will bring new life to Isaac, Leave the miracle to Him!

See them march around the city, scarce a sound from day to day,
Scoffers from the wall deride them "Jericho can stand such play!"
But the Lord's time cometh swiftly,then they shout out with a vim:
"Look! the walls are tott'ring, falling!" Leave the miracle to Him!

Face to face with hosts of Midian, Gideon's men are sifted out;
Forth they go, these chosen heroes, with no sword the foe to rout;
Do you wonder if the vict'ry can be gained by band so slim?
See! Jehovah's sword is gleaming, Leave the miracle to Him!

Watch the scene on plains of Dura, see the Hebrew martyr band,
Firmly standing for Jehovah, trusting in His mighty hand.
"He is mighty to deliver" from the power of death so grim;
Fiery furnace cannot harm them, Leave the miracle to Him!

Bring to Christ your loaves & fishes though they be both few & small,
He will use the weakest vessels, give to Him your little all.
Do you ask how many thousands can be fed with food so slim?
Listen to the Master's blessing, Leave the miracle to Him!

Oh, ye Christians, learn the lesson, are you struggling all the way?
Cease your trying, change to trusting, then you'll triumph every day!
"Whatsoe'er He bids you do it", fill the water pots to brim;
But remember, 'tis His battle, Leave the miracle to Him!

Christian worker, looking forward to the ripened harvest field,
Does the task seem great before you? Think how great will be the yield?
Bravely enter with your Master, though the prospect may seem dim,
Preach the Word with holy fervor, Leave the miracle to Him!

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