House Church Talk - Praising from South Florida

jpierceall at jpierceall at
Mon Nov 24 05:58:01 EST 2003

Over the rivers and through the woods,
to Mom and Sis's we go;
Our truck knows the way,
As it resembles a sleigh -
Let's flee the white drifting snow.. O;>)

Over the rivers and on down the road,
We'll watch as we pass the tall Georgia pines;
OKay and I,
Having said our Kentucky good-bys,
Leave the gray and the cold behind.

Over the river and into the sun,
Hurrah, finally it's the Florida State line!
The skies are so blue,
and there's green grass growing too,
Confident we're made our decision just fine!

Over those rivers, and now deep into palms,
How the miles seemed to just melt away;
We finally arrived,
To loved one's all smiles,
Soon it will be Thanksgiving Day! \O/

Jim and OKay

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