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Tue Nov 25 10:56:42 EST 2003

      Hi all, 

I pull for the underdog if their cause has virtue. Being in a house 
church lends itself to the acceptance of a minority position type of 
mentality. But that's OK.

Some in our circle would not be too disappointed if all persons who build 
church buildings would find other outlets for their skills. Personally, I 
don't go quite that far. Read on:

      Boycott Stops Abortion Clinic Project 

( MCNS) -- What would have been Planned Parenthood's first abortion 
clinic in Austin, Texas, was temporarily blocked when one of the state's 
largest contractors quit the job after being hit with a local boycott. 

Construction-industry executive Chris Danze told the Associated Press 
that building an abortion clinic would be similar to building a 
concentration camp during the Holocaust. 

"We can't just look the other way," he said. "We can't just take the 
blood money and run." 

James Browning, who runs San Antonio-based Browning Construction, said 
that groundbreaking on the $6.2 million clinic began in September but the 
work stopped within a matter of weeks. 

"I never thought so many different trades would join in," Browning said. 

Contractors who boycotted the construction included those working in 
cement supply, lumber, fencing, foundation building, hardwood floors, 
heating and air-conditioning, insulation, landscaping, plumbers, roofing, 
and windows, Danze said. 

Danze, an owner of Maldonado & Danze Inc., initiated a campaign - the 
Texas Contractors and Suppliers for Life Association - that urged more 
than 750 area businesses not to provide supplies or services for the 

Texas Right to Life, a pro-life organization, offered to share the 
companies' names with the its members. The contractors were reportedly 
soon flooded with phone calls from concerned churches and individuals. 

"When churches started asking me for lists of people who were working on 
the project, that's when we turned the corner," Danze said. 

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From: In another 
report ( some of the contractors were told that they would no 
longer be doing business with churches or Christians. Hopefully the 
contractors were influenced by principle, not just the money.

Be strong in the power of his might!

       David Anderson

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