House Church Talk - I Really Hate Cat in the Hat Stuff!

goodwordusa at goodwordusa at
Fri Nov 28 13:33:23 EST 2003

I know that this is off the subject of HC, but I I have to speak out.

Am I alone in the universe?

I hate "Cat in the Hat" stuff.  I've always hated the book, the terrible, 
ugly artwork, and even the name Suess, or however you spell it, scrawled all 
over the cover.

I think that I hate most the sickly attemps at rhyme.  They literally turn my 

I mean, if I had a hat and ran to chase a rat, would that make me fat, or 
even worse, a spoiled brat?

See what I mean?  The stuff just gets right into my brain and makes me 
insane.  Oh, no.  There it goes again.

Breaking off now before I lose it completely -- want to say it truly, 
correctly and neatly.



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