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Clairebnntt at Clairebnntt at
Sat Nov 29 01:45:29 EST 2003

I have a heartwarming story.  Here in California the major chain grocery 
employees are on strike and have recently been joined by the Teamsters Union.  As 
a result, many producers are unable to ship their produce.  Some friends of 
mine stopped at a church as they saw a Thanksgiving service going on.  
Afterwards, they had what looked like row upon row of baked goods.  They were told that 
the bakeries, unable to ship their products had called around to see if the 
churches could take the stuff or they would have to throw it away.  This church 
had taken a truckload to drive down to an orphanage they sponsor in Mexico, 
and the rest were what couldn't fit in the truck.

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