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Hi Chip,

WELCOME BACK!  It's a real joy knowing you will be with us, brother.  I
have enjoyed your writings.
Paul Cox

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Hello everyone,

I joined the other day and was asked to introduce myself but
haven't had a chance until now.  My name is Chip Brogden.
My wife's name is Karla and we live with our two children in
North Carolina.  Some of you already know me from other
lists, discussion groups, gossip and rumors.  :-)

The short story is I was a pastor in Organized Religion for
many years until Jesus revealed Himself to me and gave me a
vision of the Church that HE is building.  Pursuing HIS
vision has cost me everything and gotten my family and I
kicked out of several church buildings and one television
ministry.  But we have gained more than we have lost,
because as we are decreased, Christ is increased!  In the
last couple of years we have done quit a bit of traveling,
meeting with the saints and endeavoring to bring us back to
the simplicity of CHRIST AS ALL IN ALL.

Thank you for welcoming me back to the list.  I look forward
connecting and meeting all of you as we seek the Lord

I am your brother,

Chip Brogden

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