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Fri Sep 26 11:09:04 EDT 2003

Thomas Shou wrote:
> Before he died, as the story goes, he entrusted his ministry to 
> his trusted and closest protege Witness Lee who then continued 
> the LC legacy in Taiwan and then the States in the early 60s, 
> when my parents came into the group. By then, Witness Lee 
> ("Bro Lee") had become the undisputed leader of the movement, who 
> founded LCs all across the States, as he took more authority upon 
> himself and even demanded absolute obedience to his ministry called 
> Living Stream Ministry (  

Oh, yeah.

I had forgotten all about them.  I remember them now.  As far as I know we 
don't have any here in town.  But I have heard of them (esp. Witness Lee) 
many times.  I had just forgotten about them, and sometimes fail to associate 
the name "local church" with the movement.

Thank the Lord that you are free, Bro. Tom.


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