House Church Talk - hard lesson learned

David Anderson david at
Mon Sep 29 02:01:54 EDT 2003

For those who have just joined House Church Talk , we encourage you to share things 
each Sunday not necessarily related to house church life.

Let us rejoice with all who have truly repented and found freedom in our 
common Friend and Lord.

I hope you have had a pleasant day.

    David Anderson


Last month on ABC's PrimeTime Live SandiPatty said, "I don't want to 
pretend. I want to set things right. I don't know if there is even a way 
to make some horrendous wrongs right." Also, in an interview with KSBJ, a 
Houston radio station, Patty observed, "The owning, naming, and 
confessing of the sin in my life was the beginning of experiencing the 
freedom that only comes through Christ.

"I know I let my marriage down with John Helvering in huge ways. I have 
tremendous regrets about that." Patty said she had used her ministry 
career as a substitute for a spiritual relationship with God. "You think 
that's a replacement for a relationship, and it is not; that is a lesson 
I have learned the hard way."

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House Church Talk has been renamed. These discussions, via the web, now occur at the Radically Christian Cafe.