House Church Talk - Jingle Bells Anyone?

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Tue Sep 30 12:21:40 EDT 2003

It's the last day of September! (Just in case someone was wondering.) And 
it's time to start thinking about any big Christmas season plans.

We can complain til the Lord returns about all the false and commercial hype, 
all the pagan practices and secularizing of the season (regardless of our 
individual views, we all tend to have a gripe), or we can take advantage of 
an opportunity that the world gives us to share in some special way the good 
news and the love of God through Jesus Christ.  

Regardless of your personal views of Christmas, the season is a great time to 
reach out to others in the name of Christ.  Your group may want to share 
something with a family within your fellowship who has financial or other 
needs.  Or you may want to reach out to non-Christian families in your 
neighborhood.  Many folks who know little or nothing about Jesus Christ 
nevertheless do think of the season as a special time, and many still hope 
for love and encouragement, or even some tangible miracle in their lives 
during Christmas.

Aside from whatever else we may do, I like to take advantage of the season to 
share the gospel through Scripture booklets and Christmas cards.  The boxed 
cards we often get at a pretty good price, and some have a nice blessing or 
message of their own.  But they also provide us the chance to write our own 
personal message in each one.  Then we include a Scripture booklet, 
write "Merry Christmas!" on the envelope and give them out or mail them to 
neighbors and loved ones.  People who otherwise reject the gospel are often 
pleased to receive them, and tell us so.

My favorite Scripture booklet is "The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ" a 48 
collection of passages produced by the World Missionary Press (which, by the 
way, also produces Scripture booklets in nearly 300 languages -- all are sent 
out free of charge all around the world -- in case you want to share with 
someone who speaks little or no English.  You can visit their site at

or send mail to them at 

World Missionary Press
P.O. Box 120
New Paris, IN  46553-0120

The booklets are provided free, but even if you wanted to pay your own way 
for the production & postage anyway, a box of 500 only costs about $20.  So 
sharing the message of Jesus Christ with others does not have to break the 
bank.  This is a good resource for believers all over the world.

Not everyone is into printed gospel messages or Christmas cards.  I know of 
others who bake pies, make fudge or other special things and take them to 
neighbors.  Others buy pretty Bibles and give them to people they want to 
reach out to -- as Christmas gifts.  

There is no rule in sharing but love and the willingness to express it.   

The particular way you reach out is always between you and the Lord.  But in 
case you like to do some things that take time, now is a good time to start 
planning & getting ready.  Halloween is just a month away, and then the 
holiday season is upon us.

Now if I could only remember our wedding anniversary . . .


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