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Larry Glaze lglaze at
Fri Apr 2 10:02:20 EST 2004

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

My husband and I are moving from Longview, WA to Cornelius, OR.  We have attended traditional churches all of our lives, but God has been stiring in our hearts in many areas.  We are searching for some changes.  I have some friends that I greatly respect and admire that are involved in a home church. I was wondering if you could direct us to a home church that is already going in the Cornelius, Hillsboro area.  If you could offer any assistance that would be great.  Please remember, if you put us in contact with someone, that we haven't come to a decision, but are prayerfully seeking out options.  Thankyou for your time and any help that can be provided.  May God bless you and your ministry.

                                                        Your sister in Christ, 
                                                            Mrs. Jamie Glaze

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