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Thu Apr 1 16:32:24 EST 2004

Greetings Sean and all our fellow HC Talkers,

Al & I have been on the list for over 2 yrs now and were privileged to be
prayer coordinators for over a year.

We seldom post, but try to keep up with the list as much as possible.  Our
business keeps us on the road 90% of the time and we do enjoy meeting with
some great brothers and sisters all over the U.S. and Canada , whenever

One exceptional fellow that we have greatly admired for years has written
what we
believe is the most practical, thorough, unbiased, and altogether faultless
on "The House Assembly" that could possibly be written.  We HIGHLY recommend
it to any and all that have any desire to participate in this type of
fellowship. It covers
the form and function of a house assembly in a concise and complete way,
any "thus saith me" attitude.  You may receive a copy by writing to:
MEDIA SPOTLIGHT, Box 290, Redmond, WA. 98073.
Ask for "The House Assembly"
  BTW, their names are:
Albert & Jean Dager and they support themselves with a real job, and are
part of
that great body of believers that are like hidden jewels. They have a
wonderful house
assembly there in Redmond that is functioning in a life-giving way.
Let us know if there are any of you that would be willing to  meet us
somewhere to
have a cup of coffee if we ever go by your way.
Hey David-  We're always straining to catch a glimpse of you when on your
route and
see Buster Brown rolling by. You also are one of those precious overworked

Kneeling at the throne with you,
Al & Beve Bredemeyer

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> I just got added to this list this week and I have been enjoying the
> posts so far. So since I have a free moment, I thought I would throw out
> two questions we are up against now. They are loosely related so perhaps
> there is a single answer that ties them together.
> I'm apart of a new house church (less than a year old) that is growing
> out of a group of believers that are leaving more traditional churches
> (for lack of a better word) in the area. As such, none of us has been in
> a house church environment before and so each new situation leaves us
> with questions that no one there has any practical experience with to
> offer guidance.
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