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I have also tried to inittiate chat rooms, but they seem to never really go.
I would like to have a chat that about healing communities. In the past I
have run and moderated several chat rooms, but the fact is, I am currently
focused on working with and helping Keith Smith while he's in the United
States.  I really don't have time to committ to moderating a chat room right
now.  In the future that may change.


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> >Right that means it lasted until 9pm my time.  Still a little early my
> >
> >Is this a moderated chat?  Are you the only one available to moderate?
> >
> >Just wondering?  My times are limited too.  Unfortunately the times you
> >have picked sort of exclude anyone west of the central time zone.
>        Hi Jeanne,
> As you may be aware, chat has come and gone a number of times, mostly due
> to scheduling problems. Presently, it is in the experimental stages.
> I believe there is a place for impromptu chat as well as regularly
> scheduled chat. I will work with Rick if he is interested in short notice
> chat. Actually, I have 3 rooms at my disposal which can operate
> independently of each other.
> Perhaps the Western USA should have its own room. Perhaps women should. I
> don't really know where the interest is at this point.
> Some moderation is necessary, imo. I would like to hear privately from
> anyone who is capable of moderating and regularly opening and closing the
> chat room - particularly on Sunday nights as that is when most people are
> off from work.
> Over the years, it has been quite irritating to see people volunteer for
> this or that and then to slowly disappear after a few weeks or months.
> And, of course, if you ask what happened to them... they get their
> feelings hurt. So, unless you are totally committed to the value of such
> a project on a long term basis, please do not apply. Thank you.
>        David Anderson

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