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Mon Apr 5 18:47:09 EDT 2004


    I go to the chat link and all I get is a blue screen with a white box in the upper left hand corner.  Any suggestions?


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  There seems to be an interest.    There have been 3 chats over the last
  week and each time there has been an average of 10 - 12 individuals.  

  In regards to the format, I think the OPEN chat with guided discussion is
  best.  For instance, last night we had a very good discussion about old
  time Christian musicians.  (Keith Green, Lamb, Honey Tree, etc...)   We
  also discussed HC discovery and some minor issues about HC discipline.

  As with anything, it will take time.

  I have been sending the invitation to various home church mail list in
  order to spread the horizons.    I have also sent the invitation to other
  Christian mail list which are not HC in their format.  I do however
  explain that the room is sponsored by HCTALK and I give<> as a reference point.

  Till the next chat,


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