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Tue Apr 6 13:47:11 EDT 2004

Well, the car is DEAD as a doornail.  However, the mechanic says he should
be able to repair it with a new computer module.

Thanks for everyone who has prayed about this issue.


P.S>  anybody got a horse??? :)

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Dear Rick:
Been there and done that, it's tough to be underfunded in the world today.
But in the Lord we certainly have help.  Prayer lifted up and awaiting
confirmation that help has arrived.  Don't hesitate to ask among your
Christian family for a ride here and there and from time to time...someone
is out there needing to be blessed by helping you.  If you were in Canyon
Lake area of Texas I know several who would be honored to help a fellow
family member (including me).

Bob Moseley from the hills of Texas.

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> Well, it might be a selfish prayer but my car is in the mechanic shop and
> I am dead in the water without it.  Can't even get back and forth to work
> at the moment.
> Please pray with me for the mechanic to be able to accurately diagnosis
> the problem and that my megar budget can afford the shock!  :-)
> Rick
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