House Church Talk - Re: chat possibilities

flash flash at
Tue Apr 6 13:55:32 EDT 2004

> David,
> I think the only real possibility of getting thi sthing running is to
> have an east coast and a west coast chat.
> I don't mean anyone should be limited to which room they use.
> However, to make it a fair and balanced arena, the time zones ould tend
> to show the need for two rooms.
> I would love to hear the feedback form anyone who has participated in
> these chats of late.
> RJ

I enjoyed chatting with RJ the other nite.  He is an old long hair groupie of sorts - loves
music and that scene and knows lotsa current songs and writers.  Me - I stopped at Lamb and
Kieth Green.  Oh, well...
Dan ChiTown

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