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The problems do not stem from the presence or absence of money. They do not
stem from some innate evil in the US government or from some innate evil in
the people of the US that somehow doesn't exist in any other people in the
world.  Something in your view is distorted and you are vilifying money,
America, and Americans.  Rape, violence, and all kinds of evil lie in the
heart of every man woman and child - it is part of the sin nature.  Only the
indwelling presence of King Jesus can overpower that evil. Only his love can
wash away our guilt.  Guns, rules, and threats can only control behavior,
not change hearts.

America has been blessed with wealth and power, but just like Israel, we
have forgotten God in our prosperity. We've started believing that we
deserve it instead of receiving it as a gift in thankfulness.

Please adjust your thinking, because it appears to be creating a wall of
prejudice in your heart that is hurting you and alienating you from fellow
believers. It may also be opening you up to lies that only make sense with a
biased viewpoint. You are my precious sister, and I want you free from
anything that hinders your freedom in Christ.  I confess that I, too,
sometimes see things incorrectly, so I am not saying this to you without
also looking into my heart, too.

I send you love in the name of Christ.


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> The thing with the USA, is that there is no reason for people
> to be so out
> of order with all that money going around. Even the poorest
> in shelters
> live better than kings of the medieval ages!! That is one of
> the things I
> could not take about the US, so much money and resources, and so many
> children no one seems to care about, with a lot of money
> given for them,
> but they seem not one bit better that the ones here on the street who
> haven't eaten in a week!
> However, the USA likes to show off its riches to all, and
> wants to come
> tell us how to run our country. Are we supposed to obey Bush
> so that we
> can also have little children raping other little children?
> That doesn't
> happen in public schools here. The kids I was discussing have been
> abandoned on the street, or have left their homes due to rape
> and extreme
> abuse without any schooling. Should we obey the USA's
> politics so we can
> also have the nasty things you mention? Should Iraq???? I'd
> rather have a
> Saddam as president and no kids raping other children, than
> 'freedom' and
> what you describe.
> Vanessa from Venezuela

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