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Vanessa DiDomenico van3hijos at
Sat Apr 10 11:29:53 EDT 2004

--- Scott Dowlen <scottdowlen at> wrote:
> Vanessa,
> The problems do not stem from the presence or absence of money. They do
> not
> stem from some innate evil in the US government or from some innate evil
> in
> the people of the US that somehow doesn't exist in any other people in
> the
> world.

Uh, sorry, I think I wrote this in the wrong way. First, its not the US
people, its the government: I know personally of its evil because someone
in my family was present when it delivered hidden cash to the local
governor to fight illegally against our president, whom it fears greatly,
and who has been the only one to, instead of trying to kill him, preach
Jesus for HOURS to Fidel Castro telling him of the goods of God, until the
guy could not take it anymore and declared himself a 'social christian',
which is how I myself began to know the Lord. Bush doesn't go preach; he
sends people to KILL.

As for the money, I wasn't referring to the CASH, but to the FOOD and
necessities you buy with it. I know pretty well that the number one cause
of violence in this world is HUNGER, and war lords specifically destroy
food to cause people to fight. 

  Something in your view is distorted and you are vilifying money,
> America, and Americans.  Rape, violence, and all kinds of evil lie in
> the
> heart of every man woman and child - it is part of the sin nature. 

Please, who doesn't know this? However, I must say, I had a hard time
learning it, and learned it the hard way, since my neurological illness is
supposed to represent the only type of non-hypocrites existent in this
world: Dostoyevsky's 'The Idiot' is considered a perfect medical
description of it by today's MDs, and the idiot is a guy who can never
understand why people are such creeps around him, and was also the
character who prophetized the destruction of the Russian aristocracy.
Mohammed who also had this type of epilepsy called it the illness of
prophets (no, I'm not one), and St. Paul and Jeremiah also had it. But it
has been considered demoniac possession as much as a sacred illness, so...

> the
> indwelling presence of King Jesus can overpower that evil. Only his love
> can
> wash away our guilt.  Guns, rules, and threats can only control
> behavior,
> not change hearts.

Yes, but why should the USA think it is the one with the authority to go
changing the behaviour of others? I just don't want the US here, it is
destroying my life and that of dozens of people I know, as it destroyed
the life of my mother in Chile... on Sept 11, 1973. To me, 9/11 means the
US killing people in my home country, and the WTC was a place owned by
workers of the devil, and which even as a child, while walking around it,
I saw would someday be blown away.

> America has been blessed with wealth and power, but just like Israel, we
> have forgotten God in our prosperity. We've started believing that we
> deserve it instead of receiving it as a gift in thankfulness.
> Please adjust your thinking, because it appears to be creating a wall of
> prejudice in your heart that is hurting you and alienating you from
> fellow
> believers. 

It has also kept me away from shopping in Miami for over 9 years. And
every day, I feel more that it is the tool of the devil for destroying the
world. You are right: I AM being alienated, horribly, have even stopped
going to my children's school just to avoid the people there who are from
oil companies. But then again, what I saw them doing while I was a student
there myself would even keep YOU from going there, IF you are a christian.

What I really wish, is that more Christians in the USA would move to STOP
this killing, the horrible things the US is doing here: we are the next
IRAQ, in fact, our president was the ONLY one in the world to dare tell
Bush was a dumbo he is when he said he would attack Iraq, and even flew to
see Saddam to try and convince him to stop the oncoming war somehow. But
saddam was as crazed as Bush, probably because he was trained by the USA!!
And now, Blackwater is a company in Iraq using the same monsters who
killed my mother's friends in Chile back in the 70s, and then goes crying
when the victims of those monsters get killed in Fallujah!!

Brothers ans sisters, I'm going crazy here, not too far from killing
myself just to stop seeing this, having the poor on one side, being helped
by the true good of our president, while the US and the local rich are on
the other side, benefitting me with their dirty money and not caring that
for the first time, the poor are also getting some food! I am stuck in the
middle, with kids in the local US school, another in the jewish school,
listening to horrible abuse as an insider, while those talking around me
don't know I love the poor, not the rich!


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