House Church Talk - THE CHOSEN VESSEL

Debbie K StardustForever at
Mon Apr 12 00:16:59 EDT 2004

Thank you David, for sharing this today.  I have been feeling quite
unworthy and useless.  All I know is that without the grace of God,
there would be no hope for me.
In the last year, I have failed Jesus miserably. I failed a sister in
Christ who in a time of crisis came to me for help, and I took my eyes
off of Jesus.  I have cried many tears since then. ....At one time I was
just like Peter (who denied Jesus 3 times right after saying he would
die for HIM), I used to think I was so enlightened thanked God I wasn't
like those other sinners we see or read about, and forgot that any good
in me came from above. We can sucumb to our sin nature so quickly if we
think more highly than ourselves than we ought.  So if GOD chooses to
use me,  I know it is because he can use a broekn vessel to bring Glory
to his name. 
Please pray for our family.  Tom will now be living in an apartment in a
city 30 miles away from us (at my insistance) for 6 months.  I hope that
we can work things out and be reunited. Please pray for healing and

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