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Wed Apr 14 10:15:55 EDT 2004

Vanessa, et. al,

You are good enough for Him to fill!!! You were worth dying for when you
were His enemy, and now you are robed in His holiness and righteousness -
adopted as a precious child and heir to the riches of heaven. How could you
not be worthy, now that you belong to Him, of being filled with His

The one who made the covenant/will - Jesus our Lord - died, so we are able
now to possess our inheritance --- eternal life and the indwelling and
overflowing presence of His Holy Spirit living in us! When we enter into His
resurrection life we are joined with His family and His body. He is the head
of that body and gives life to all parts of the body. You have been
specially selected to be where you are, to participate in life as a member
of Christ's body. As Bruce pointed out (if I get his meaning), the only
limitation on experiencing that fullness is whether you are living according
to the flesh or according to the Spirit -- since we were chosen from before
time to do the good works that Father planned for each of us to do.

Love and prayers for you today,

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> Bruce, your message has made me feel better on a day of
> illness... but in our weakness is His power revealed!
> It is my Hope (Christ is our Hope) that He finds me a
> good enough vessel for Him to choose to fill... Only
> God is our Hope.
> Vanessa
> --- Bruce Woodford <bwood4d at> wrote:
> > Dear brother David,
> >
> > Thanks so much for sending out "The Chosen Vessel" poem!
> > I'd seen it before, but thanks for the reminder.
> >
> > You know, I believe it is an excellent illustration or
> > commentary on the scriptural doctrine of divine election or
> > God's choice!
> >
> > Many have been taught that God's election is unconditional.
> > But if you really think about it, it is absolutely impossible
> > for God or man to make an unconditional choice!  Every choice

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