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David Anderson david at
Thu Apr 15 13:18:19 EDT 2004

   Howdy, howdy,

Several pro-Arab groups, even some in the US, have raised a protest and 
sent petitions about the immorality of pursuing the war into or around 
Mosques. What an itch we have for the consecrations of places rather than 
ourselves to God. 

One of the early rulers of the Roman Empire referred to the Christians as 
not having temples, in fact. Anyway....

A clever preacher once stood and proclaimed: I have good and bad news, 
today. The good news is that we now have enough money to pay off the 
"church" - the bad news is that it is still in your pockets. :-)

Hey, one of our people was in the national news today! The rattlesnake he 
was handling at "church" bit him. He then refused medical treatment and 

Me, I have just had major mail probs with my personal account. If I 
missed yours in the last day or 2. Just resend it please. Dan B, I did 
get yours.

   David Anderson 

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