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Claire Bennett clairebnntt at
Fri Apr 16 10:21:33 EDT 2004

> "The Church And The Work: Itinerant Church Ministries"
> May 21-23, 2004 Southern Wesleyan University, Central, SC
> Steve Atkerson, Les Buford, Dan Trotter, the New Testament Restoration
> Foundation and The New Reformation Review website invite you to attend
> our conference this year. As a result of the past ten Southern House
> Church Conferences, we have been pleased to observe ministries started,
> churches begun, and lasting friendships made. We know that many have been
> helped along the way to radical obedience to the Lord in church affairs.
> We hope that many will be encouraged, instructed, inspired, and edified
> this year as well.
> We will have six plenary speakers: Steve Atkerson , Dan Hubbel, Beresford
> Job, Jonathan Lindvall, Dan Trotter and Jon Zens. The plenary sessions
> will be focused on a theme this year, "Itinerant Church Ministries" or as
> Watchman Nee might have said, "The Church & The Work". Our aim with this
> conference is to examine the NT pattern for extra- local ministries such
> as Apostolic Teams, the Ephesians 4 Giftings, the City-Church Concept,
> Financing the Work, etc. We will still have break out workshops during
> which speakers will present fundamental topics on the biblical home
> church (Interactive Meetings, Consensus Governing, Full Meal Lord's
> Suppers, Apostolic Tradition, Home Based & Living Room Sized Churches).
> All of our session presenters are experienced teachers and speakers, and
> have been chosen by the conference organizers to address a pre- selected
> topic based on the interests and expertise of the speaker. We have
> observed in them, either in person or via tape, newsletter, website, or
> book, the following attributes: a Scriptural belief that the biblical
> house church is the revealed will of God, a personal dedication to the
> expansion of biblical house churches, an ability to teach and speak, an
> ability to handle with grace and humor Christians from all parts of the
> world with all sorts of theological backgrounds and all sorts of
> temperaments. We also require that our speakers are actually practicing
> house church. Our speakers are people from many different walks of life
> with a common vision of Jesus Christ and Jesus' church. They're doing it,
> not just talking about it.

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