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David Anderson david at
Fri Apr 16 18:13:46 EDT 2004

    Hi Claire,

I am in general agreement that a conference on these issues is a fine 
thing and that such a conference is of interest to many readers of 
House Church Talk . Any conference planner can post relevant notices such as this 
one to the list, I suppose.

It appears to me that the planners have, in the past, included a wide 
variety of speakers - some whose views did not approximate those of the 
planners, themselves. In recent years they have had some female speakers, 
too, if I recall. I honestly believe they have given a hearty effort to 
be inclusive to those in the home church community.

I think I have attended 2 or 3 of these events and have benefited in 
several ways. One thing I liked was how on the last day, the floor was 
opened to anyone. 

Of course, the planners have their own belief set as does each of us. If 
you find many points of disagreement, then you probably wouldn't have 
much fun. I cannot say.

Don't keep us in suspense for too long as to what your particular 
criticism of the meeting might be. :-)  I believe the planners would 
carefully consider it.

    David Anderson

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