House Church Talk - agenda/conference

Claire Bennett clairebnntt at
Mon Apr 19 13:10:23 EDT 2004

Since I get this list in digest form, I'm not sure how to answer the posts individual, so I will try to get respond to as much as I can in one.

I am not some sort of expert in the role of women in the body.  Surely most of you have heard this topic rehashed many times from all sides.  Since I do not believe in the ruling pastor or hierarchal leadership, then the question is moot if women should fill these positions.  I certainly don't support the idea of sitting with hands folded and mouth shut listening to the brothers; yes I know the few scriptures but I don't agree with the interpretation of "shut the women up" given to them.  Just as an aside, two women were the first to preach the gospel; they took a message from the Lord and taught a group of 11 men who were cowering behind closed doors.  

I am involved with people who are in cults and have been in cults, and I have seen so much over the years, and much of it should have been torn down before it tore others down with it.  I merely saw some things that set off red flags and am not trying to convince anyone to agree with me, just to be awake and aware.  I do need to do more research about the teachings of these individuals, but I believe it was Jonathan Lindvall who taught that only homeschoolers should be allowed to be elders/leaders.

I am not against organization, but I am against control.  Organization exists to serve the people involved, control seeks to exploit them.  I would think an hc conference would seek to have sharing from various house churches and maybe some sort of demonstration about what hc life is like to those who are interested.  I have gotten the impression from several women who attended these conferences in the past that they felt uncomfortable for various reasons.  I am not going to crash anyone's party.  I am sure I would be seen as subversive and not behaving as a proper Christian women should according to certain interpretations of scripture.  

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