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       I was part of  an authoritarian movement in the 80's. I feel your
pain of abuse. I think everyone was passionate about what they believed and
I can remember some great times in the Lord. I also remember the control and
fear of authority that was instilled if anyone questioned the leaders. I
haven't seen the same control in the house church conferences. The thing
that bothers me is the taking of  non-essential doctrines and practices and
making them the foundation of who and why we are. I have seen those that are
proud of their laws and positions they take on non-essentials. This pride is
whats concerning to me. I think those that always seek to be right about
things rather than seek the living life of God will always be the people to
avoid. If their is no life giving Spirit in what we are doing, then let it
die. My question is, Are we in a place where the life of God is moving and
filling our being or we just looking to avoid the rules and abuses.
Spiritual pride can seduce anyone. I hope we can discern what God is doing
and throw ourselves into it, rather than rejecting something because it has
fallen people that seem to keep making mistakes. The last conference I went
to was a very good experience because their was such a vision imparted to
change the world rather than split hairs over non-esssentials. In Christ,

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Some of you have asked me for some documentation, here are a few links.

Jonathan Lindvall states that hc leaders must be homeschooling fathers and
their wives may not work outside the home (considered ruling his family

Steve Atkerson:  Apostolic tradition is binding upon all churches in all
ages and cultures, i.e, meeting on Sunday, head coverings for women,
full-meal Lord's supper (now I like this one, getting together for a meal,
but it doesn't need to be a command)

He also states that brothers should be free to bring a teaching, question a
speaker, suggest a song.  The implication here is that a woman cannot, the
women prepare the food and the men prepare what to say, but maybe I am

Nope, I was not misunderstanding.

Ladies do not speak out or pray publicly in the 1Co 14 meeting (yes, we know
this is hard to believe, but look up 1Co 14:33-35 and you'll see where this
comes from). In contrast, the sisters do speak quite a bit during the
fellowship of the Lord's Supper!


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