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David Miller David at
Wed Apr 21 00:35:27 EDT 2004

Claire wrote:
> ... the soft voice can hide a iron will, and it 
> doesn't fool me.  The wisdom from above is easy 
> to be entreated, and these are rigidly held positions 
> concerning leadership, the role of women, etc.

What freedom do you allow men to have in the area of their studies and

Consider the woman issue.  Steve Atkerson has the conviction from his
studies that women should be silent in the home church meetings, and
that's the way they do it in the Atlanta church which he is part of.
Jon Zens, on the other hand, is on the other extreme.  He perceives
complete freedom for women in home church to speak and minister.  Dan
Trotter has a position somewhat between Steve Atkerson and Jon Zens.
Now all three of these men are listed as plenary speakers in the
announcement that you forwarded.  Is it your opinion that Jon Zens
should have freedom to believe what he believes, but that Steve Atkerson
should be eliminated from the line up because of his belief about women?

Last year Dan Trotter was the speaker at the conference concerning the
woman question.  Do you think that it was inappropriate for the subject
to be talked about?  What kind of freedom do we have in home church
circles to study these questions, to hold to a certain perspective, and
to discuss them?

In my opinion, these men exhibit by their convictions and their
continued fellowship with one another despite their convictions, exactly
the kind of example that is profitable for home church.  If we divide
from one another because of fear of controlling men or errant doctrines,
we will be doing exactly what all the denominations have done since
their inception.  

Don't you think that we need to allow men to study and take positions,
and if they get off in their doctrines or practices, we attempt to shine
a light upon the problems and correct them as the Lord leads us and
enables us to do so?  I still don't understand why you would cast an air
of suspicion upon this conference.  Why not encourage men of diverse
viewpoints to come together for a home church conference?

By the way, I met HC-Talker Dan Beaty last year at this conference.  He
and his wife led a workshop there and blessed many of us.  I will always
cherish my encounter with him and his wife there.

One last thought.  Last month, Jon Zens and I met with Gene Edwards and
several other men.  One of the men there said to me and Jon, "if you
guys really knew what the other believed, you guys would kill each
other.  You are nothing alike in your theology."  Now in my perspective,
this should have clued him in that we were walking by the right spirit.
It truly is a testimony to the operation of God's spirit when men lay
aside their theology to do what God moves upon them to do.  Unity in
fellowship is based upon the Spirit and not upon doctrine and theology.
Believers often have trouble truly incorporating this understanding into
their walk.

Peace be with you.
David Miller, Beverly Hills, Florida.

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