House Church Talk - United Nations panel hears of China house church persecutions

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Thu Apr 22 15:14:24 EDT 2004

GENEVA / BUDAPEST  (ANS) -- Persecuted Chinese House Church leaders, 
including tortured and sexually abused women, have for the first time 
testified at the United Nations Commission on Human Rights amid claims 
that the Beijing government is increasing pressure on unregistered 
churches and active believers, ASSIST News Service (ANS) learned Monday 
April 5.

The Christian Aid Association (CAA), which investigates the plight of 
persecuted Christians, said a two-hour hearing held Friday, April 2, at 
the 60th annual meeting of the U.N. Commission in Geneva was aimed at 
showing the suffering of some of at least 8,903 Chinese believers who it 
claims were arrested and detained in the last 10 years. Armed with 
documents and a video recording of recently released female prisoners, 
the CAA painted a grim picture of Communist China's attitude towards 
active Christians. As an example CAA President Bob Fu said that feared 
Chinese security forces used torture as a weapon to gather "false 
evidence" against a pastor of the rapidly growing evangelical South China 

"At least three believers were tortured to death, many men and women 
believers were tortured and many, especially women, were sexually abused 
and molested during their interrogation to obtain false evidence against 
Pastor Gong,² he told the U.N. Commission, according to a transcript 
obtained by the ANS Central and Eastern Europe Bureau in Budapest.

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