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Sat Apr 24 12:29:52 EDT 2004

On 4/24/04 10:56 AM, "Claire Bennett" <clairebnntt at> wrote:

> ON the subject of qualifications for ministry - just take a look at who Jesus
> chose.  Not exactly A-list.

Very True Claire.

The interesting thing to me was that although some of the disciples may have
had existing "leadership skills" or traits when they were called
(Personality wise - such as Simon Peter, or in their
political/social/religious fervor like Simon the Zealot) most of them were
followers rather than leaders.

Yet we see that Jesus made them in to Leaders...
When they were filled with the Spirit...

True, there are some people who will take on more overt roles as leaders in
the church, but all believers are called to be leaders of some sort. That is
where the fallacy of the "clergy and Laity" distinction is in error.
Everyone in the body should be active, not passive in their role in the
church body. Otherwise they are not fulfilling the many "one-another"
commands. Distinguishing some as clergy and others as laity only breeds
incorrect assumptions about the levels of leadership and responsibility in
the church.

(Ok... I am down off my soap box now)

Glenn Frank

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