House Church Talk - Look who Jesus Chose

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Sat Apr 24 17:57:10 EDT 2004

Claire ~
I have really been enjoying your posts.  Well thought out, and I don't find
you faulty of having an axe to grind.

It kinda sounds like though if you actually meet Jonathan Lindvall, et al,
people have a different take on things.  David Anderson seems to think
things are cool, as well as Dan Beaty.  I highly esteem both of these dudes.

So, I'm we all look different on paper, as opposed to an
actual encounter in the flesh???  Does that tell us anything?  Inquring
minds want to know :-)

Also, for mentioned something about changing your opinions on
women being silent?  Does that mean they should or shouldn't remain silent?

Have a good weekend!  I've enjoyed reading all the posts on this thread!


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ON the subject of qualifications for ministry - just take a look at who
Jesus chose.  Not exactly A-list.


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