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Any room on that soap box for me?

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> Yet we see that Jesus made them in to Leaders...
> When they were filled with the Spirit...
> True, there are some people who will take on more overt roles as leaders
> the church, but all believers are called to be leaders of some sort. That
> where the fallacy of the "clergy and Laity" distinction is in error.
> Everyone in the body should be active, not passive in their role in the
> church body. Otherwise they are not fulfilling the many "one-another"
> commands. Distinguishing some as clergy and others as laity only breeds
> incorrect assumptions about the levels of leadership and responsibility in
> the church.
> (Ok... I am down off my soap box now)

That is my main reasoning that "silent women in the assembly" seems
inconsistent to what God is doing today in house church, and other small
group settings. There are so many places in the NT where "every member, the
functioning of every part, every gift " is emphasized. This is not to
downplay leadership, as some have done, and even some attempt to eliminate
it altogether. The real need is to release every gift, including the
equipping gifts, so that the whole body can be built up.

Dan B.

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