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Mon Apr 26 14:28:55 EDT 2004

I live in San Diego and attend a small home group here, and am somewhat
involved with a second home group less regularly than I used to.  With a
very small group, if some people don't show up, it would be difficult to
have only men participate, someone might end up talking to himself :)

I did briefly e-mail JL when he answered something I mentioned on this list.
The problem is, I assume when someone has a website, that their articles
represent their true opinions.  I would feel really uncomfortable sitting in
a meeting where the women were silent.  I don't know if some of these people
would attend our meetings as it doesn't follow their rules.

I was told that some people would not participate in various hc lists
because women did - they considered it women not being silent.  The women
from these groups don't participate on these lists, likely their husbands
disallow them from being corrupted by women like me :)  Maybe that is the
danger is someone is a likeable person and doesn't share their agenda until
they have gained the trust of others, but the agenda remains nonetheless.  I
really don't have any desire to take on a role of leadership, it is not my
gift.  Shalom.
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