House Church Talk - 5th ST Conference July 22-25, 2004

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Tue Apr 27 01:46:01 EDT 2004

July 22-25, 2004:
Last year we had a wonderful conference on "Last Things," where for the 
first time in America all major views of prophecy were represented and 
evaluated. This year we want to learn from the Lord's servants more about 
body-life and the "one-another" perspectives of the New Testament.
FORMAT: This will be an "open" conference, in the sense that the speakers 
are not predetermined. If the Lord has put something on your heart (in 
line with our broad theme) that you would like to present, you are 
welcome to come. All we ask is that you let us know well in advance what 
your topic is, so that we can structure the sessions. Each session will 
consist of 45 min. by the speaker, and 45 min. for questions and 
evaluation by those present of what was taught.

 We wish we could, but we are not able to remunerate those who wish to 
speak. Everyone comes at their own expense. 

SUBJECT MATTER: At this point we know that Alan Allison from Spokane, WA, 
will be speaking on "What Does It Mean to Be A 'Member' of Christ's Body 
Where You Live?"; Cliff Bjork will be exploring crucial NT body dynamics 
related to 'unity' and our understanding of Scripture; Jon Zens will deal 
with some foundational spiritual qualities necessary in order for an 
assembly to get started on the right foot, and the importance of working 
through the tough times together (conflict resolution).

Many other areas will be covered.  Please join us! 
DATE: July 22-25, 2004. The Conference will start as follows: 
registration will begin at 3pm, Thursday 7/22; there will be dinner at 
5:30pm; the first meeting will be at 7pm. There will be meetings Friday & 
Saturday. On Sunday 7/25, we will have two meetings, and the Conference 
will end at noon.

PLACE: We will be gathering at the same spot we did last year, the ARC 
(Association Retreat Center), in Osceola, WI ( It is 12 
miles S.E. of the ST Bookstore in Taylors Falls, MN. Jon & Dotty Zens 
live on the grounds of the ARC.
COST: If you stay at the ARC, the cost for 3 nights' lodging (Thursday, 
Friday, Saturday) and 8 meals is $100.00. If you stay at local motels, 
you can purchase individual meals at the ARC for $6.00/ea. If you stay in 
the ARC dorms, you must bring your own linen. You do not have to pay 
ahead of time, but you must let us know that you are coming. All payments 
must be made to ST, not to the ARC. Payment can be made by Visa, 
Mastercard or Discover.

FURTHER INFORMATION: If you have further questions, you can reach us in 
the following ways: email, phone, 
651-465-6516 (daytime), 715-755-3048 (evenings); 651-216-5004 (Zens' 
cell); snail mail, ST, Box 377, Taylors Falls MN 55084

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