House Church Talk - control

Claire Bennett clairebnntt at
Tue Apr 27 12:47:10 EDT 2004

That is a good point about control  I suppose if a person knew the Lord had put them in a place, they wouldn't fear being toppled.  A humble person would be willing to take the highest or the lowliest job, it shouldn't matter.  The women at the well:  She had met Jesus.  She went to tell everyone all about it.  She didn't fear talking about things that most wouldn't talk about.  Maybe her zeal and honesty showed up some of the more established folks.  

The disciples appeared uncomfortable that Jesus didn't act according to their paradigm in his dealings with this women.  But, Jeus also didn't act according to society's exceptations in his choice of them either.  

I do support "decently and in order."  But that is for the benefit of the body, not for the few who wish to exploit the body for their livelihood or career path.  I have been in meetings where mentally disturbed or very obnoxious individuals were allowed to dominate and this was passed off as "loving."  One has to be loving to the whole body.  That is why I've been doing a lot of poking at the "annointed."

Re:Greek  I don't know if Greek is like Hebrew, in that if you have a group of men and women, the masculine plural is used.  You would have to examine other contexts to determine if you are talking about a group of men only, or a mixed group.

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