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Fri Apr 30 13:52:51 EDT 2004

The address for Marble Tabernacle is 1616 Ferndale Melnourne Florida 32935 
(for those who use mapquest)
The phone number to call for directions and information is 321-259-2024 or 
you can call my cell phone 719-671-3954

Jeanne Elder

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>Subject: RE: House Church Talk -  Upcoming Healing Communities meetings
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>Jeanne Elder wrote:
> > I just wanted to let you know that Keith will
> > be doing a Healing Communities conference in
> > Melbourne Florida next weekend.  ...
> > This will take place at a church called Marble
> > Tabernacle in Melbourne Florida Friday night
> > and Saturday.  Keith will also be preaching
> > on Sunday morning.  Please join us especially
> > if there is any way you can.  If you know
> > anyone in that area please feel free to pass
> > this on to them.
>We need an address to find it, and the meeting times.  Might be nice to
>have a phone number too.
>Peace be with you.
>David Miller, Beverly Hills, Florida.
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